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VTC Tesla: and you Tastes and Passions, what do you think?

Tesla VTC Aéroport

Taste and passion. Everything that characterizes our state of mind.

It is therefore logically and with great pleasure that we answered the questions of the site Goûts et Passions the time to a VTC airport journey.

And it is true that we are very proud of their feedback.

Here is an extract of what we can read somewhere on the web (or more precisely, on their site, section car test ).

Photo Tesla

Exceptional personal chauffeur service.

Our discerning readers will notice our budding passion for vehicles from California's all-electric brand Tesla , in particular the famous Model S that we tested this year with great pleasure.


Our editorial trip to Moscow gave us the opportunity to try such a VTC service in Tesla in real life.

We contact Jonathan Raphaël, one of the partners of BlackBirds from Paris with David Heimfert , the leading Tesla Model S rental company with drivers in France by the number of Tesla vehicles in its fleet.


We can't wait to discover the service, especially since after the hubbub of air transport, congested airports and endless queues, the sweet silence of the Tesla, the courteous elegance of our driver, the comfort of a warm and luxurious interior is a small pleasure that we never cease to appreciate.

Matthieu is present at the agreed time, a tablet in hand, when international flights arrive.

His wait will not have been very long on this Sunday evening but in the event of a delay, Matthieu would have been just as there, at the BlackBirds, we can count on their professionalism and their foolproof seriousness.

Matthieu takes care of our luggage with delicacy, we notice his elegance and his impeccable manners.

Matthieu drives us a few steps away, to a car park reserved for professionals only at a large discount, at the foot of the terminal (which is not the case with other VTC services which do not have the same level of authorization or qualification).

Indeed, all BlackBirds drivers are full-time, licensed and qualified professionals, at the highest level of competence in Paris and solidly trained in-house by BlackBirds. This is related to the exceptional nature of the electric supercar, a Model S still worth 120,000 Euros today.

In a few moments, we see the immaculate white Tesla Model S with black tinted windows, with a very successful look.

Matthieu opens the door giving us access to a spacious cabin, all sewn beige leather, we are in a resolutely luxurious universe. Two bottles of branded waters await us as well as sweets (we are all children).


Matthieu manages to accommodate three large suitcases in the trunk, something that would not have been possible in a classic sedan. Not to mention the small front trunk that can accommodate cabin-size luggage.

Matthieu shows calm, great courtesy and discretion, a delicate driving, we had never met such a competent, attentive driver, in short, a perfect service! Matthieu agrees to make an unexpected detour to help us and does so kindly.

Using BlackBirds means having a real personal driver, capable, who knows how to handle all situations.


Matthieu accompanies us to our door and makes sure we have everything before greeting us.

BlackBirds service is top-notch, worthy of the big discounts of yesteryear. We appreciated their thoroughness, their punctuality and the high quality of their Model S, which are like new. The vehicle is thus cleaned as much as necessary so that it is presented clean to all customers.
Faced with the resurgence of VTCs without faith or law, we can only recommend the BlackBirds service.

The BlackBirds, in addition to airport transfers, make their vehicles with driver available by the hour or by the day (as for weddings or shopping), according to rates studied according to the expressed request.

Note that the BlackBirds are also present in New York City in the United States, it is the VTC branch of DrivElectric France that we had the pleasure of testing this summer in a press test drive.

October 2016

Tesla VTC Aéroport

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