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Vtc Tesla: our services, offered

Intérieur cuir Tesla

Find out why choosing a VTC in Tesla Black Birds will bring you much more than just “a Tesla”.

Our priority: to make you discover this unique vehicle that is the Tesla and to make your experience as pleasant as possible, whether it is a personal or professional journey or a provision for a shopping day. , a wedding, a sporting event…

The elegance and sense of service of the chauffeur from master to beauty has disappeared with the arrival on the market of applications. At Black Birds, we have put the customer back at the center of our concerns, trying to promote French Excellence.

Vtc Tesla: our services offered, in 3 steps.

Before departure: simplicity.

Simplify your life:
• request your quote / book your private driver in 3 clicks using your customer area or our online form
• have a real personalized relationship: single point of contact for all your requests, you know your driver and he knows you.

Réservation Black Birds Paris

In partnership with a famous Parisian private concierge, we are also here to make your life easier for:
• reservation of a table in a restaurant, last-minute seats for shows, sporting events, etc.
• cigarettes / pharmacy / laundry…
• delivery of folds / parcels by hand
Today, thanks to our Tesla hybrid bikes, traffic jams are no longer a stress, but an opportunity to relax.

Our offers are fully customizable. Ask us, we will do our best to satisfy you (champagne, packed basket, etc.).

During the journey: comfort.

All our Teslas (Model S, Model X, Model Y and Model 3) are all options and equipped with:
• a Wi-Fi connection,
• an iPad to surf, watch TV or control the music broadcast thanks to a Spotify Premium account
• daily newspapers of your choice*,
• refreshments, confectionery, chargers,
• a smiling private driver…

Intérieur Tesla avec Ecran

On arrival: tranquility.

Be reassured :
• payment by smartphone, CB … now, weekly or monthly.
• your invoice directly to your email box
• the history of all your journeys in your customer area
• your loyalty rewarded thanks to the Black Birds loyalty program

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Now that you have an idea of the quality of service that awaits you, all you have to do is find a good reason to book your private driver -> discover our VTC offer in Tesla. Still a doubt? Good. Here's something to change your mind: opinions.
Here are the feedbacks of experiences in Tesla with one of our master driver from our customers:
• on our Google Black Birds page
• on our Black Birds Facebook page

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