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Taxi – Vtc: taxi strike on January 26, 2016

« Dear customer, we have important information for you regarding the Taxi VTC conflict. »

As you may know, taxi drivers have filed a strike notice for next Tuesday (26/01). Last June, the strike had paralyzed all major French cities and airports for almost 3 days. Without wanting to take part in the debate between taxis and VTC, it seems important to us to give you some information.

2 consequences are to be expected:
1. It is going to be extremely difficult to get around this Tuesday, especially if you have to go to airports.
2. It will be difficult to find a car with driver in Paris.
Unfortunately, as happened last June, we will again be taken hostage for at least one day, you like us:
You, because filter barriers (see blockers) will prevent you from accessing airports in a reasonable time.
Us, because the violence of taxis towards anything that looks like a dark sedan will force us to leave the cars in garages to limit damage.

Taxi Tesla

Our advices :
1. postpone, when possible, your Parisian trips from Tuesday 26.
2. plan to arrive at the airports before 5:30 a.m. to try to avoid the first roadblocks.
3. book a non-striking taxi (even if it is not the easiest to advise) if you absolutely have to go to the airports that day. It is, with the RER, the least risky solution, even if in the eyes of his colleagues the difference between a non-striking taxi and a VTC is small.
We remain at your disposal if you would like additional information, do not hesitate to contact us and subscribe to our newsletter.
The Black Birds Paris team

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