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Welcome to the wonderful world of provisioning.
A world where kilometers are no longer necessary.
A world where total freedom is the main rule.
In short, a world where life is good.
And the entrance to this fantasy world is right there, under your nose.
Yes, look, just below.

Vtc provision

Provision: feeling of freedom

Whether it's the most beautiful day of your life, or that of a loved one (we obviously think of the opening of the sales), having your driver available is the ultimate way to have fun and have peace of mind.
Upstream, as Jamel would say, “I take care of everything”.
We plan according to your needs (still happy) your service:
• the planning
• the course
• etc…
On D-Day, we anticipate possible changes in the organization and traffic problems directly with your VTC.
In between, we take care of everything, leaving you free for your other occupations. And it also works for weddings.

Why choose the provision of a driver?

At Black Birds, VTC provision is:
• more comfortable: it's your driver, and your car: leave your purchases, coats, work documents, etc. there. Between each of your visits, your driver will refurbish the vehicle (no more fingerprints on the windows on your photos, the earth on the carpets etc.)
• less stressful: your VTC will not leave (promised), and will always be waiting less than 5 minutes from you
• more customizable: gift basket, drinks, sweets, interior and exterior decoration, etc.

VTC Tesla mise à disposition

What to do with your car with driver?

It's not just sales in life. Here is what our customers do with their VTC:
• wedding / bachelorette party
• golf day
• visits to a region
• business trips
• sporting events (Paris Marathon, Roland Garros, European Football Cup, etc.)
• exhibitions, business seminars
• shopping day, fashion week…
• …

VTC Tesla mise à disposition

With Black Birds, give another dimension to your events!
Don't forget: the drivers and their cars are the first and last contact your friends and/or clients will have during your event. To get there, to get around during the event, or to bring everyone back afterwards: we offer you the provision of sedan and van type cars with a driver.
Each event being unique, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can define your needs together, in order to offer you a personalized quote.

Tesla Porte papillon

Need more information or a personalized quote for one or more cars with driver?
If you wish to obtain a quote or a reservation concerning one of our offers, contact us:
• by email
• via our quotation – reservation page
• by phone on 01 81 82 00 47
• through your customer area
Discover the latest reviews from our customers on their Tesla experience with one of our private drivers:
• on our Black Birds Facebook page
• by searching for Black Birds Paris on Google.

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