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Newsletter : on the way to Bonn!

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From Marrakesh to Bonn !

This is the path taken by 17 Tesla, sponsored by Black Birds Paris. And this journey was not trivial. 6 nationalities involved, 6 nations crossed.
The story begins a year ago, when the idea was born to connect Paris (COP21) to Marrakech (COP22) in electric vehicles, in order to demonstrate that "no, driving clean over long distances is not impossible ». This year, on the sidelines of COP23, it was no longer 7 but 17 Teslas that traveled the 3,500 km route between Marrakech and Bonn, crossing no less than 6 countries, some of which had a surprise announcement in store.

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It's all hot (like the climate): we are proud to be able to announce the opening of the group in Morocco. In a short time, we will be able to drop you directly at your riad.


Another stop, another event: the meeting with United Nations officials and Bertrand Piccard (Solar Impusle)! New: the Black Birds Paris agency in Geneva can drop you off at the foot of the slopes, or anywhere else.


Traveling to Leon? No problem, our Black Birds Paris ambassadors are also present in the flat country.

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A few words about the rally:
55 people, including 12 children, in 17 vehicles traveled 3,500 km, with the aim of showing everyone that it is possible to travel without polluting.
See you next year on the sidelines of COP24, this time departing from Bonn and heading to “? »…

Black Birds Partenaire

To sum up, our ambassadors are now at your disposal at :
- Paris
- Brussels
- Lille
- Lyon
- Geneva
- Nice
- Aix en Provence
- and their surroundings.

We are waiting for you!

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