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How to move eco-friendly in Paris?

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Current environmental issues push us to have to adopt new modes of consumption. The mass consumption of certain products gives way to models based on sharing. Modes of transport are changing to become more ecological and also more economical.
In Paris and in the Paris region in general, there are different alternatives for getting around while respecting the environment:
• Public transport (Bus, Metro, RER, etc.), which does not always offer a high quality service, and is relatively uncomfortable. In addition, at night, getting around the Paris region can be a real mission.
• The Vélib'', which remains the greenest way to get around the capital. However, it is impossible to reach the suburbs by riding your Vélib''. In addition, during bad weather, it is not very pleasant to travel via this mode of transport, you will agree.
• Autolib': car rental service in Paris, practical but expensive if you encounter traffic jams, and often in a generally borderline state of cleanliness.

Private drivers have not previously been a very environmentally friendly mode of transport. The market is saturated with German sedans consuming astronomical quantities of fuel.
To respond to this important environmental issue, we have decided to equip all our private drivers with hybrid or electric vehicles, spearheaded by the Tesla Model S. This 100% electric vehicle meets all luxury vehicle standards, while respecting nature.
With more than 500km of autonomy, the vehicle is suitable for short or longer journeys.
Day or night, our VTC Black Birds drivers will be able to transport you in the most ecological way possible, with a high quality service.

If you wish to obtain a quote or a reservation concerning one of our offers, contact us:
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