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Fuel prices still high: what if you chose an electric car driver?

Cela fait maintenant plusieurs semaines que les prix des carburants sont extrêmement hauts en répercussion de la guerre Fuel prices have been extremely high for several weeks now as a result of the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia.

Refueling can cost between €70 and €100 !

Have you ever thought about using the services of a private driver in an electric car? If so, congratulations for taking the plunge, you will surely not regret it. If not, we are going to show you all the advantages that this could bring you and you will see, there are many!


Indeed, by using the services of Black Birds Paris and its professional drivers in electric vehicles, you will be able to benefit from a price fixed in advance, the cost of your trips is known when booking. No risk of paying additional costs during or at the end of the trip, whether for excess baggage or blockages in traffic jams, you will have no additional costs to pay.

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A step for ecology

By choosing to trust Black Birds Paris, which uses electric vehicles, you are doing something for the planet: in France, after 30,000 km in an electric car, the carbon footprint is balanced with a thermal car. In less than 3 years, an electric car pollutes less than a thermal car. Throughout its life cycle, the electric car emits half as much CO2.
In addition, battery recycling is progressing little by little: the recycling sector is now able to recycle more than 80% of lithium-ion batteries. The first batteries to be recycled are expected for 2025. Manufacturers are already working on a process to recycle batteries 100% and infinitely, allowing independence from producer countries, which would allow batteries to have their place. in the circular economy.

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Optimize your time

Very often the meetings follow one another, the projects pile up and we lack the time to do everything, if only the days could last 48 hours!
By calling on a master driver, you can optimize your time.
Throughout your trip, you can take the opportunity to make phone calls, deal with your late emails, work on your current files, send instructions... or otherwise, you can also simply choose to rest and to relax while enjoying the top-of-the-range comfort of our vehicles!

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No more parking worries

With a master driver, you will never again have to worry about parking difficulties or problems finding a place in big cities: Our driver picks you up at your home, in front of your door, and then drops you off at the desired location.
As soon as you have finished your obligations or finished your meetings, he then picks you up directly at the exit and takes you back to your next meeting or to your home in complete safety. This is a significant time saver and guarantee of peace of mind !

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A pledge of safety

With the Black Birds Paris master drivers, you will no longer have the possibility of getting lost along the way: no need to spend your time planning your route and no more opportunity to get lost along the way (even with a good GPS, in an unknown locality, it can be very stressful to drive).
Indeed, our professional drivers know the road inside out and are very familiar with all these trips. We make it a point of honor to pick you up and then take you to the desired location on time.

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Real freedom

No more constraints: do you want to go out in the evening without having to worry about getting home? Drinking and driving are not compatible, but by hiring a professional driver, you can be sure to get home safely and safely no matter what. Do not forget that for a successful party, you have to get back home safe!

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In summary, in electric passenger car with driver, treat yourself to a privileged moment allowing you to save money, respect the planet with a neutral carbon emission, all accompanied by a dedicated professional driver who awaits you in complete confidentiality, on time. and at the agreed place.

With Black Birds Paris, choose a 100% electric mobility experience combining ecology and high-end.

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