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Economie d'énergie

At Black Birds, we have set up a virtuous circle of ecology. Here's how it works.

Our loyalty program :

The more you choose to combine pleasure and ecology with Black Birds VTCs, the more you save, the more you tell yourself that it does not cost more to think about the planet (and to have fun), the more you choose to travel in Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model 3 or Mercedes EQA again, the more you save again. And so on. (the "Eco card", still valid, is being replaced by the "Eco course", allowing you to earn up to a day's rental of a Tesla Model S).

It is therefore simple to save polar bears (and all other inhabitants of the ice floe without distinction): ask your driver for all the information and start your Eco journey with Black Birds!*

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*Today, our loyalty card in classic paper format is replaced by its digital version. The “Eco course” is currently being set up.
The planet, and we, thank you for your loyalty!

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