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Black Birds... Is getting married!

VTC Tesla Mariage

The summer has been rich in project launches, events, the Model X will very soon point its muzzle in the nest (case to follow)... But the real big news that we are finally able to tell you announce (and it was not easy to hold our tongues):

Black Birds is getting married…!

We tell you just below
Here we go for the most exciting newsletter of the year.


The big news, and the most promising, is this:
Black Birds and DRIVELECTRIC are happy to announce their marriage, for better and “even better”!

Black Birds Paris & Drive Electric

who ?

DRIVELECTRIC: the number 1 in premium electric vehicle rental in France (car and now motorcycle), and official Tesla partner since 2015.
Black Birds: 1st 100% Tesla VTC service, since 2014.

why ?

To better meet your needs, by offering you tomorrow:
– more availability, with the largest Tesla fleet in France,
– more responsiveness, with a reinforced team (notably by Jonathan for customer relations, which you surely already know)
– more services, with short-term rental of Tesla vehicles and electric motorcycles.

What changes for you on a daily basis?

Same phone, same email.
Same quality of service, same privileged relationship with your driver.
• Reservation:
• Office: 01 81 82 00 47

New: our offices are now on Méré! 7 Av. de l'Arbre à la Quenée, 78490 Méré 01 81 82 00 47 Only one thing to do: visit us, and find out what this pretty wedding will bring you on a daily basis 😉


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