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A car more powerful than free fall !

Elon Musk Tesla

Elon Musk presented a new update for his Tesla Model S. On the menu, more autonomy and “excessive speed”!
Elon Musk had warned on social networks: on Friday July 17, he would present new products at Tesla. Thing promised thing due: the Model S sedan receives several new features which further develop the range, after the 6.2 update proposed at the end of March, and the presentation of a new 70D engine.
And since it's entry-level, Tesla presented the Model S 70 (very short). No more all-wheel drive as on the 70D, this is a simple propulsion, making it the most affordable version of the Model S range. Its price? €74,900, before deduction of the ecological bonus of €6,300. This is €5,300 less than the Model S 70D.

Increased autonomy

But the novelties don't stop there. And Tesla has decided to improve the performance of its sedan a little further with a new option: that of opting for a 90 kWh battery which improves autonomy by around 6%.
Exclusively available on Model S models already equipped with the 85 kWh battery, this option increases the range to 532 km on the Model S 90 (rear-wheel drive), 538 km on the Model S 90D (all-wheel drive) and 520 km on the P90D (all-wheel drive and 700 hp).
The “Autonomy upgrade” option is billed at €3,200.

An “Excessive speed” option !

But it's not just the range that has been improved on the Model S: performance too! For those who had already heard of the Model S P85D and "Insane Mode", a "crazy mode" if one translates literally, and allowing the torque to increase from 600 to 930 Nm, know that there is now even better: the “Ludicrous Mode” option, translated by Tesla as “Disproportionate / insane speed”!
Exclusively available on the Model S P90D, therefore already equipped with the "Range Upgrade" option, this "Excessive Speed" improves the Model S's time for the 100 km/h standing start: now count only 3 seconds, compared to 3.3 seconds before… The 400m standing start is completed in 10.9 seconds. Performance improved by 20% for which Tesla is paying a high price: the option will still cost you €10,900!

Our opinion: For information, the acceleration of this car is more powerful than ... free fall. That's 1.1g!

This highly anticipated conference is a continuation of the strategy proposed by the most fashionable car brand of the moment. Today, Tesla has decided not to lower the price of its cars, but to offer ever more interesting performance at a constant price. And this choice to favor development over price can only be beneficial for its next models. Remember: the Model X (SUV) will be released at the end of the year and the Model 3 (compact sedan), closer to the Audi A3 or the BMW Serie 3 in terms of size and price, is planned for 2017. -2018.
While waiting to see the first videos of the “Ludicrous” mode appear, you can find our article about the “Insane” mode that we tested on the Marcoussis circuit.

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