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Coronavirus COVID-19: Reinforced security measures

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Due to the risks associated with the COVID-19 coronavirus, major measures have been announced by the public authorities and the fight against the epidemic is everyone's responsibility.

On March 16, 2020, the President of the Republic decided to take measures to reduce contacts and travel to the strict minimum throughout the territory from Tuesday March 17 at 12:00 p.m., for a minimum of fifteen days. Emmanuel Macron announced a series of measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic and we are mobilized, as a player in the transport of people, to participate actively in this effort. The safety of all our customers is our priority and we are determined to fight the spread of the epidemic.

Drivers operational throughout the day and night

The Black Birds Paris services remain available and we continue to transport you while respecting the necessary security measures. Our offices are currently closed to the public, but our team ensures the continuity of your requests by telephone as well as by email.

For your safety, but also that of our drivers, we strongly recommend that you avoid contact and follow the following instructions to protect yourself:

• Our professional drivers transport you for your exceptional trips <.b> to stores and food markets, pharmacies, banks and tobacconists.

• For all professionals belonging to healthcare networks and hospitals, energy industries, drinking water and sanitation networks, waste collection and treatment (including medical), power stations as well as to the list of Operators of Vital Importance (OIV), the availability of our services will be continuous.

• When the driver warns you of his arrival, wait for him to move a distance of at least 1 meter from the rear door of the vehicle which will be opened to you. When you are seated in the vehicle, the driver will close your door.

• It is also advisable to respect barrier gestures: wash your hands very regularly (soap or hydroalcoholic gel), cough into your elbow or into a tissue, use a single-use tissue and throw it away .

• If you have symptoms (fever or feeling feverish, cough, breathing difficulties), we recommend that you stay at home, avoid contact and call a doctor.

Strict hygiene and cleanliness measures

You can also be assured that we continue to maintain our high standards for safety and cleanliness. All of our vehicles undergo a rigorous cleaning process at various levels and our drivers scrupulously follow this process on a regular basis including:

• Cleaning of vehicles between each client, including deep cleaning of carpets;

• Rigorous hand hygiene

• Use of single-use tissues

• Regular maintenance of ventilation

• Interior of vehicles in leather, healthier than in fabric.

We remain vigilant in adhering to these practices and are taking additional precautions as recommended by The World Health Organization (WHO) and local authorities.

We are monitoring the situation very closely and following current guidance from key government and health authorities to ensure we are taking the right steps to protect our customers and employees. We will keep you informed of any changes to our operations and any developments in the situation.

We thank you for your loyalty and we will always be there to take you to your destination.
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